Black Panther – Wakanda Forever Fan-fiction

Disclaimer: This is an erotic fan-fiction scene inspired by the 2 main characters of the Marvel’s film “The Black Panther – Wakanda Forever”. This is purely for entertainment and not for commercial use. A few spoilers are included so if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch Black Panther – Wakanda Forever. #nashuri #shuri #namor

The Spirit Animal and the Demi-God

‘Did this even make sense?’ Shuri asked herself. ‘Logically, how would things work out between them?’ She’s a daughter of the land and he’s a son of the sea. She has a duty as the Black Panther to protect her people of Wakanda while his purpose is to govern and protect his nation of Talokan. One thing she knew for sure though, the call of the ocean was hella strong because she could feel herself engulfed in a sea of emotions for this man. 

She had forgiven him and spared his life but how could she love the man that-

“Shuri” she heard her name


“I’m sorry for what I took from you.” said Namor – who she’s choosing to call ‘Alamor’ because she could feel that he had at least a little love in his heart. His enemies called him Namor and she was no longer his enemy… what were they at this point? friends? allies? What was she even doing here in this man’s underwater chamber AGAIN?! “I owe you my life” he continued and he knelt before her with his head bowed. A tear rolled down her cheek which she quickly wiped away. He lifted his eyes to meet hers and opened his hand -the Talokan way- to reveal a flower that glowed with vibranium properties. “This is my gift to you to declare that Talokan will forever be an ally to Wakanda.”

“Wow!” She said as she took it from his hand. Slightly surprised by the weight but fascinated at the same time. Shuri started to examine the flower in the manner she generally used when she had discovered new technology. Her scientific mind went into overdrive and she considered the endless possibilities of the gift she’d just recieved. How strong could she be? Could she breathe under water? Could she fly? She must find out. “Thank you” she finally managed to say 

She set the flower down carefully on his desk then pulled him onto his feet. She then wrapped her arms around his body in a hug she felt they both needed. The warmth from their embrace transformed into a low flame as they now couldn’t tell the difference between the beat of their hearts. 

He reached down and cupped her cheek with his palm, meeting her inquiring gaze, wondering what could be between them. Subconsciously, she elevated herself on her tippy toes so that her face was closer to his. He kissed her. Slow and gentle at first but it eventually grew into something more passionate and yearning. 

He pressed her up against the wall of the cave and lowered himself on both knees before her. He then kissed the place that would hopefully bear his children one day. Children that would have unfathomable power beyond the limits of this world. He reached up to her waist and traced a line around her belt. “May I” he asked.

“Yes” was the only thing she could say as she found herself blushing.

Consensual it was!

He released her from the fabric that concealed her bodily secrets and glazed her with his eyes as she stood bare. He lifted her left leg and placed it on his shoulder before leaning forward to taste her. An audible gasp escaped her lips as she basked in the moment of intense pleasure. Melting in a sensation of warm and wet as the lips of his face caressed the lips below her waist. 

Alamor led Shuri to his bed where he motioned for her to sit. She found herself now facing his waist where she had a full view of his gift bulging in his shorts. She reached forward and slid down his garment and let it fall to his ankles. She took his member into her mouth. He tilted his head back with a low animalistic growl which just motivated her to keep going. 

Fueled by pleasure and the urge to please, he cupped her cheek and motioned for her to scoot back further onto the bed. He mounted her. He lifted her hips and guided his manhood into the entrance of her body that was wet, warm and willing. A moan escaped her lips. Here she was joint body and soul with the man whose neck was at the end of her spear not too long ago. Stroke by stroke, the movement between them remitted messages of remorse, forgiveness and redemption. 

His rhythm matched her breathing as he dug deeper inside her. He lowered his torso upon hers and proceeded to kiss her neck. Inching his lips higher, he started to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. His breath so warm and wispy sent shivers throughout her body all the way down to the curling of her toes. 

She opened her eyes to find him “sitting” upright, yet still docked inside her, staring at her face. “What?” she whispered.

“You’re beautiful” said he

She blushed. She blushed before closing the gap between their bodies with a gentle kiss. 

Shuri adjusted her legs so that she was on top and gently pushed his torso down flat onto the bed. She kept her palm on his chest and proceeded to ride his hump between her legs. Alamor started to feel the rush of sensation throughout his body and knew what was coming next. He gripped her hips to steady her pace as he thrusted himself harder and deeper into her. He pulled her more and more onto him until he heard a sudden gasp. 

A wave of intensity gushed through her core as she felt herself tightened around his member with short pulsating grips. 

No longer could he hold back, he erupted within her. 

She collapsed upon his chest and felt all was right with the world. He held her hand as they laid bare, skin to skin, heart to heart, engulfed in the feeling of euphoria shared between them. Cementing an intimate alliance confirming, it was now them against the world. 

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