A Black Panther – Wakanda Forever Fanfiction

Disclaimer: This is an erotic fan-fiction scene inspired by the 2 main characters: Shuri and Namor of the Marvel’s film “Black Panther – Wakanda Forever”. This is purely for entertainment and not for commercial use. A few spoilers are included so if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch Black Panther – Wakanda Forever. #nashuri #shuri #namor

The Spirit Animal and the Demi-God

Fan Art by Christine Collins (Link on Twitter @christine_e271)

‘Did this even make sense?’ Shuri asked herself. ‘Logically, how would things work out between them?’ She’s a daughter of the land and he’s a son of the sea. She has a duty as the Black Panther to protect her people of Wakanda while his purpose is to govern and protect his nation of Talokan. One thing she knew for sure though, the call of the ocean was hella strong because she could feel herself engulfed in a sea of emotions for this man. 

She had forgiven him and spared his life but how could she love the man that-

“Shuri” she heard her name


“I’m sorry for what I took from you.” said Namor – who she’s choosing to call ‘Alamor’ because she could feel that he had at least a little love in his heart. His enemies called him Namor and she was no longer his enemy… what were they at this point? friends? allies? What was she even doing here in this man’s underwater chamber AGAIN?! “I owe you my life” he continued and he knelt before her with his head bowed. A tear rolled down her cheek which she quickly wiped away. He lifted his eyes to meet hers and opened his hand -the Talokan way- to reveal a flower that glowed with vibranium properties. “This is my gift to you to declare that Talokan will forever be an ally to Wakanda.”

“Wow!” She said as she took it from his hand. Slightly surprised by the weight but fascinated at the same time. Shuri started to examine the flower in the manner she generally used when she had discovered new technology. Her scientific mind went into overdrive and she considered the endless possibilities of the gift she’d just recieved. How strong could she be? Could she breathe under water? Could she fly? She must find out. “Thank you” she finally managed to say 

She set the flower down carefully on his desk then pulled him onto his feet. She then wrapped her arms around his body in a hug she felt they both needed. The warmth from their embrace transformed into a low flame as they now couldn’t tell the difference between the beat of their hearts.

Fan Art by Nana (Link on Instagram @soynanawe)

He reached down and cupped her cheek with his palm, meeting her inquiring gaze, wondering what could be between them. Subconsciously, she elevated herself on her tippy toes so that her face was closer to his. He kissed her. Slow and gentle at first but it eventually grew into something more passionate and yearning. 

He pressed her up against the wall of the cave and lowered himself on both knees before her. He then kissed the place that would hopefully bear his children one day. Children that would have unfathomable power beyond the limits of this world. He reached up to her waist and traced a line around her belt. “May I” he asked.

“Yes” was the only thing she could say as she found herself blushing.

Consensual it was!

He released her from the fabric that concealed her bodily secrets and glazed her with his eyes as she stood bare. He lifted her left leg and placed it on his shoulder before leaning forward to taste her. An audible gasp escaped her lips as she basked in the moment of intense pleasure. Melting in a sensation of warm and wet as the lips of his face caressed the lips below her waist. 

Alamor led Shuri to his bed where he motioned for her to sit. She found herself now facing his waist where she had a full view of his gift bulging in his shorts. She reached forward and slid down his garment and let it fall to his ankles. She took his member into her mouth. He tilted his head back with a low animalistic growl which just motivated her to keep going. 

Fueled by pleasure and the urge to please, he cupped her cheek and motioned for her to scoot back further onto the bed. He mounted her. He lifted her hips and guided his manhood into the entrance of her body that was wet, warm and willing. A moan escaped her lips. Here she was joint body and soul with the man whose neck was at the end of her spear not too long ago. Stroke by stroke, the movement between them remitted messages of remorse, forgiveness and redemption. 

His rhythm matched her breathing as he dug deeper inside her. He lowered his torso upon hers and proceeded to kiss her neck. Inching his lips higher, he started to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. His breath so warm and wispy sent shivers throughout her body all the way down to the curling of her toes. 

She opened her eyes to find him “sitting” upright, yet still docked inside her, staring at her face. “What?” she whispered.

“You’re beautiful” said he

She blushed. She blushed before closing the gap between their bodies with a gentle kiss. 

Shuri adjusted her legs so that she was on top and gently pushed his torso down flat onto the bed. She kept her palm on his chest and proceeded to ride his hump between her legs. Alamor started to feel the rush of sensation throughout his body and knew what was coming next. He gripped her hips to steady her pace as he thrusted himself harder and deeper into her. He pulled her more and more onto him until he heard a sudden gasp. 

A wave of intensity gushed through her core as she felt herself tightened around his member with short pulsating grips. 

No longer could he hold back, he erupted within her. 

She collapsed upon his chest and felt all was right with the world. He held her hand as they laid bare, skin to skin, heart to heart, engulfed in the feeling of euphoria shared between them. Cementing an intimate alliance confirming, it was now them against the world. 

Get Natural Pain Relief with Physiotherapy

Feeling bodily aches and pain is a fairly common experience in today’s world. Body ache/pain is a symptom of discomfort caused by muscle inflammation or soreness. This means that the affected area may feel weak, sore, tired or hard to move. In general, pain is an indicator that tells your brain that something is wrong. It is important to note though, that different people have a different tolerance and threshold for pain. Similarly, there are different levels of experiencing pain. Acute pain is short term and can easily be alleviated with rest or hydration. Chronic pain, on the other hand, is long term and may indicate a serious underlying medical condition.

Source of Pain

When consulting a health care professional, they may ask you certain questions to help diagnose the cause of your pain and how to best help you to alleviate it. Questions such as:

Where does it hurt?
When did it start hurting?
Does it hurt all the time?
Does the pain stay in one place or move around?
Is there anything that alleviates the pain?
What makes it worst?                                                             

Your response to these questions will give your health care consultant a guide as to which pain management method would be more effective in your case. Common causes of pain may include stress, dehydration, fluid retention (related to cramps or swelling), fibromyalgia, arthritis, infections and viruses etc. Habitually, the first suggestion to relieving pain is to get “pain killers” but at the world turns and knowledge becomes more easily accessible, people are looking into more natural alternatives for pain relief.   

Concerns about Medicinal use for Pain Relief 

With numerous pharmaceutical drugs available, it can be very tempting to just take medications to alleviate your pain. The problem with using these drugs is that they often mask the pain without healing the underlying condition; which means that it is highly likely the pain will return. These drugs are also composed of chemical ingredients that can have long term side effects on the body, which can even be worst than the original health condition. Common side effects of pharmaceutical drugs include:

Kidney or liver damage
Elevated heart or stroke risk
Immune suppressing effects (which makes the body more vulnerable to infections) etc.

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can read all about the possible side effects on the package of the medication. But what if we told you that you don’t have to risk your kidneys for pain relief… This is where Physiotherapy comes in. 

Using Physiotherapy as a Natural Pain Relief Remedy  

Living with chronic pain can be inconvenient to say the least. The pain will likely interrupt your daily routine creating unwanted discomfort for extended periods. Physiotherapy is a safe, natural and non-invasive method of treating chronic pain. Supported by years of scientific research, it is becoming a more successful method of pain management.

Most physiotherapy clinics are fully equipped with the qualified professionals who possesses the necessary tools, knowledge and years of experience to help you on your recovery journey. During your evaluation session, your physiotherapist will assess your condition and prescribe a personalized treatment plan that will help you get back to normal. Such treatment plan may recommend sessions of movement therapy which may or may not be accompanied by other treatment modalities. Such modalities include dry needling, myofascial cupping, kinesio taping and so much more. 

Physiotherapy is such a highly effective method of treatment that the benefits far outweighs any perceived risks. Of course, results may vary according to each patient but in most cases, patients move and feel much better after completing their Physiotherapy sessions. This type of niche health care approach offers numerous advantages such as:

  • Natural and permanent relief of bodily aches and pain because your physiotherapist will assess the root cause of your pain to treat the condition and not the symptom. 
  • An alternative to over-the-counter drugs and/or surgery. Even if surgery is absolutely necessary, pre and post rehabilitation programs can help to mitigate complications and promote faster healing. 
  • Improved mobility, strength, posture and coordination. Physiotherapy generally includes exercises and stretches which can help you regain physical functionality. 
  • Improved women health. Believe it or not, physiotherapy has been proven to be a great rehabilitation treatment for pregnancy, postpartum care and even pelvic pain. 
  • Better management of age related issues. Persons who suffer from sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain and knee pain etc can benefit greatly from a prescribed physiotherapy regimen. 
  • Management of sports related injury. A proper recovery or preventative exercise program can be exactly what an injured athlete needs to ensure a safer transition for returning to sports. 
  • Improved mental health. Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to health care. This means that your physiotherapist will formulate a regimen to improve not just your physical ailment but also your lifestyle and general well-being. 

Have you been tolerating chronic pain for too long? Are you now ready to get back to living your best life? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to both these questions then it is time to give physiotherapy a chance. It is important to not self-diagnose based on information on the internet, though. Please consult with a health care professional if you are experiencing excessive pain or discomfort. Don’t let minor pain become a major problem! 

Period Problems: How to Alleviate Menstrual Cramps

There is a repeated conversation on Twitter where someone said that no matter how many times they’ve experienced their period, they’re still surprised by the intensity of the pain. Honestly, I can relate. My period had been so painful that I’ve felt like I would pass out. Pills don’t usually work to alleviate menstrual cramps for me and the only consolation I got from older women is that it would be less painful after I give birth. Sigh! First of all, pain is usually an indication that something is wrong. Yes I know that it is very common to feel period pain but that just means that we are suffering unnecessarily. Based on our general habits and shared dietary choices, we are more often than likely to experience the same plight. If you were experiencing the same intensity of pain in a different part of your body, you would be very concerned.  

Please note that I am not a doctor. I am not medically trained nor certified as a health care professional, I am just offering suggestions based on observations during my personal experience. So far, I have experienced my menstrual cycle over 240 times and I didn’t understand what a menstrual cramp was until about the 60th cycle. At that point in my life I had moved away from home to transition to University and was more responsible for my own diet. Looking back, this was the first clue as to how important your diet is as it relates to how your body functions. 

Anaemia & Iron Deficiency 

Growing up, terms like anaemia and iron deficiency were often thrown around in conversations but we never really took it seriously. That was my mistake. I had reached the point where I felt like my body was operating in “low power” mode. I was always exhausted, very forgetful and was finding it difficult to focus on completing simple tasks. It was strange but I just thought that I was burnt out. I randomly went to the doctor for a checkup and was told that I am iron deficient. Apparently, the doctor could tell by looking at my palms and my eyes, She said they needed to be more “red”. Try to compare the colour of your palms or the bottom of your foot to that of a man’s and see the difference. Men don’t lose blood as much as women do so their blood count would be higher. 

As a menstruating female, it is imperative that you consume meals rich in iron. It is no surprise that your body absorbs more iron from red meat than it does from other sources. Additionally, it is recommended that you enhance your body’s absorption of iron by including food containing Vitamin C in your diet. Please see a list of recommended food options below to help mitigate iron deficiency:

Food containing IronFood containing Vitamin C
Red Meat: 
 – Curried Goat/ Mutton
 – Beef/Steak (logically, medium rare may produce better results)

– Beetroot

Kidney Beans
– Strawberries
– Tomatoes
– Oranges
– Grapefruits
– Tangerines
– Watermelons

Regulated Digestion

Disclaimer, in this paragraph I will incorporate a slightly vulgar language to get my point across. If you are sensitive to the word ”shit” you may skip the paragraph but note that it is very important… Here goes: If you are eating daily then you should be shitting daily. No exceptions. When you consume food, digestion occurs when your body breaks down the food molecules in order to absorb the necessary nutrients then it gets rid of waste in the form of shitting. When you feel the need to shit, let it out. If you have shit inside your colon while your period is starting, it’s likely to cause pain or discomfort. Some foods take longer to digest than others but including servings of fruits or vegetables in your diet may help to regulate digestion in your body.

Coffee is not always your friend

I use to drink coffee religiously for 2 years. I didn’t drink it for the caffeine but it was great for digestion. I drank my coffee black, with cinnamon, no sweetener nor cream literally every morning. After a while, coffee wasn’t helping me like it use to. I felt dehydrated yet bloated even when I wasn’t on my period. The problem with the coffee was that it was flushing all the nutrients, including the iron I needed, out of my system. I was so skinny too because it was making me lose weight. Eventually I just had to quit coffee… I officially converted to tea. Gradually, I stopped feeling bloated, my digestive system improved and I started re-gaining healthy weight where even my breasts were feeling more full. This was my first step to recovery. 

Update your diet

I started to buy iron supplements and made an effort to eat meals that were rich in iron. Yes, I was feeling so much better but I was still experiencing excruciating menstrual cramps. It was then that I considered that maybe there were foods that I was eating that was contributing to the cramps. I began making notes of my meals before and during my menstrual cycle. What I discovered surprised me. I found out that boiled eggs, dairy, spicy and some powdered seasoning increased the intensity of my pain. Meat that takes over 48 hours to digest created other problems so I avoid them during that time as well. I still need the calcium and protein etc so I either get them from other food sources or consume them after my period is done.

I even decided to change my eating habits. I choose to eat plant-based food at least 2-3 days before my period begins and on the first day. Day 1 of my menstrual cycle is usually the worst. I track my cycle using the Flo App and even though it is not 100% accurate, it helps to at least estimate the days. I can’t even fault the App because for some of us girls, our menstrual cycles are subjected to change without notice. My saving grace is that I have mild pre-menstrual symptoms at least 3 days before the beginning of my cycle which is usually the indication for me to get my diet in order. Call it a pre-menstrual detox. 

I will admit that it requires discipline because I have to avoid comfort food at that time as well. I’ve decided though that it means alleviating my menstrual cramps, so I’ll make the effort to wait. It also helps if I keep my tummy and feet warm. As such, I’ll either wear a camisole under my outfit or a tummy warmer and socks on my feet. I even changed the pads I wear. Some of them have chemicals that are suppose to keep you dry but often cause more problems. Choose cotton pads. Yes, it’s a whole process! Sometimes I feel like I’m jumping through hoops to not feel period pain but once I made it a habit, it got easier.

lady experiencing period pain

So remember ladies, the DO’s and DON’Ts to alleviate your menstrual cramps include:

  1. DO eat iron-rich foods accompanied by foods that contain Vitamin C
  2. DO take iron supplements in emergency cases (Feroglobin works for me)
  3. DO eat plant based meals at least 2-3 days before and during your period to detox
  4. DON’T intake dairy, boiled eggs, spicy food, powdered seasoning or hard-to-digest meat 2-3 days before and during your period
  5. DO keep your tummy and feet warm
  6. DO wear cotton pads (I use Women’s Touch or Curves, which are both Jamaican brands)
  7. DO drink water daily 

Sometimes it feels so unfair that women experience this kind of trauma on a monthly basis. This is the punishment we get for not getting pregnant. It is what it is. At this point we just need to adjust our lifestyle so that we don’t suffer so much. If you’ve tried these tips and are still experiencing severe menstrual cramps then maybe it’s time to visit the doctor. Good luck girls! 

Sex and Sensibility

What is sex?

Let’s begin with a basic definition. I define sex as an intimate activity that involves the use of the genitals. Arguably, the 7 main forms of sex includes:

  • Vaginal Sex – (penis to vagina intercourse)
  • Oral Sex – (mouth to genital contact)
  • Anal Sex – (penis to butt intercourse)
  • Fingering/Hand Job – (hand to genital contact)
  • Dry Humping – (genital contact without penetration)
  • Masturbation – (sexual activities done individually)
  • Phone sex – (conversations on the phone simulating sex)
Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation is so fluid these days. People tend to define themselves based on their romantic attraction and/or sexual preferences. A person can be heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, bisexual, asexual, polysexual and trust me, the list goes on. The sexual orientation of a person isn’t even permanent and can change at any given time. Throughout this article, however, I’ll be focussing on the terms of heterosexual sex.


You would think that consent of sex before engaging in the activity, should be common pre-requisite by now, in the year of our lord, 2022 but here we are, still needing to explain to people that having consent for sex is important. Consent means that all parties involved, being of conscious minds, are aware of the act to be performed and willingly agree to partake without being drugged, drunk or the use threats or manipulation. The lack of consent is punishable by law. The issue, however with proving consent is that in most cases, people don’t verbally request sex; they tend to initiate it with body language. A lot of women haven’t quite learned how to say NO to someone, as such they sometimes proceed without wanting to, then make their accusations afterwards.

Traditionally, some men feel like it is their duty to “convince” a woman to have sex with them. They may buy the woman dinner, purchase gifts or even escort her to social outings and expect sex in return. Sometimes their method of persuasion is not very effective so they use unscrupulous means to get what they want. Statistically speaking, there are more cases of men being the aggressors in legal cases of sexual harassment than women.

The disparity of sexual interest between men and women

Based on my general observation of society and discussions I’ve heard, men want sex more than women. This phenomenon seems to be common among male and female animals as well. Studies upon studies have shown that men experience more frequent arousals on a daily basis when compared to women. It’s a fact that prostitution is more popularly a venture where men pay women for sex verses the opposite. It is even said that nuns are better at honouring their vow of celibacy than priests/ clergymen. There is an article on webmd.com that digs into a deeper analysis of how much higher the sex drive of a man is, as compared to a woman.

There are varying factors that may affect a woman’s libido. Maybe, it’s the biological difference between male and female hormones or maybe it’s because most women experience less feeling of satisfaction during sex. Culturally, a woman’s sexual interest is excessively criticized by society and biological the woman has a bigger “burden” to bear in the event of pregnancy. A result of this disparity is that more men are likely to masturbate or seek to satisfy their urge with multiple partners.

A woman’s value is often tied to the idea that the less amount of men she has sex with, the more she is worth. Consequently, a girl’s virginity is strictly protected, until a certain age at least. The boys on the other hand, are encouraged to have sex as much as possible. With all the head start they have, you’d think they’d learn how to be better sexual partners. Ironically, of the men I’ve been with, the ones with the least sexual partners provided a better sexual experience. It’s the concept of taking the time to provide QUALITY sex vs focusing on the QUANTITY of sex had.

Sex before Marriage

Religiously speaking, sex before marriage is considered wrong. As such, societies that are built upon a strong religious background tries to encourage people to abstain from sex until they are lawfully married. Reality-wise, this is a recipe for disaster. In the Christian culture you are more likely to find people who has committed fornication than not.

Sexual compatibility is very important in a relationship. Compatibility suggests that the parties involved are ”like-minded” and have a natural ability to work harmoniously. If one party has to force themselves to reject their own desires to fulfill the desires of the other party then conflict is likely to be constant. The last thing you want is to be legally bounded in a relationship where you’re being sexually disappointed. At the very least, you want to be aware of the disappointment BEFORE making that existential commitment before God and all mankind.

Sex for Reproduction

The biological purpose of heterosexual sex is to continue the generation for animals and humans alike. Historically, in some countries, women were willing to have as many children as their bodies would allow. In recent times however, having many children to raise can be rather expensive. As such, the scientific community has developed numerous methods of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Nevertheless, people are still “accidentally” having children.

The role of both the man and woman are important but by no means equal in the process of conceiving the child. Men get the easier role. Women’s bodies become the incubator for the development of the child and has the sole responsibility of giving birth to it. Some fathers even choose to abandon the mother and child. Fortunately, these days, more men are choosing to play an active role in their child’s life even if they are no longer cohabitating with the mother.

Sex and Society

Conclusively, sex plays a very important role in society. It is literally the reason why we have a society of people in the first place. As such, people often have varying opinions on sex as it relates to: 1. Who you should do it with… 2. When you should do it… and sometimes 3. how you should do it. As an individual, you have the choice of whether or not you want to do it at all. It is your body and you consent to what you want to do with it. Anyways, if you do choose to have sex, remember to do so responsibly.

Covid 19 vs the World

Who would have believed that Covid, a biological virus could have wreaked such an international havoc. If someone had proposed a bet to me to say that this was possible, I would have lost miserable. I couldn’t have fathomed that a pandemic could have halted the progress we’ve made so far. Progress as it relates to education, employment and the economy. 

Covid vs Education

There are some students who haven’t seen the inside of a classroom for over 2 years because the outbreak has caused a lockdown of many schools worldwide. Some educational institutions have been trying their utmost best to facilitate online learning in order to keep up with the general progression of school. Has it been effective? That is often based on perspective. For some parents, it means that their kids are safe at home, they don’t need to struggle to commute through heavy traffic and they can monitor exactly what their kids are learning in the classrooms. On the other hand, it means that they need to disrupt their work to teach their kids, it means spending more money on electricity and/or electronics to facilitate online classes. It also means that their kids miss out on important social interaction and development.

This sudden shift to home schooling on such a global scale is bound to have long term effects.  “Adversity breeds innovation”, they say, so maybe more students will adjust in a way where they learn to add value to their natural talent and find a more creative mean to earn a living. The internet and social media has provided a medium of endless possibilities. Well, with how much it cost to live these days, these children might as well get a head start by learning how to earn instead of learning how to take a test. There are so many child-stars in Hollywood who have earned a live-able wage long before they become adults. Maybe that’s the concept we need need to normalize instead of stressing the students with useless theories.. 

Covid vs Employment


So many persons have left their jobs during the pandemic. Whether by choice or not, the statistics have shown that a lot of people were unemployed at some point between 2020 and 2022. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there was a record of 21 million civilian unemployment from the 4th quarter of 2019 to the 2nd quarter of 2020. With the introduction of shorter business hours, pay cuts and business closures a lot of persons were finding themselves unemployed. Others weren’t even seeing the benefits of being employed in the same company anymore. Dubbed “the Great Resignation”, many companies saw a bulk of their employees choosing to leave even while they were making cuts within the workforce. So many businesses were left “short-staffed” to pick up the pieces. Not to mention, other employees were getting sick from Covid.  

Remote employment had already existed for Freelancers and Independent contractors but now some full-time workers were officially introduced to the work-from-home lifestyle. With an increase in Zoom meetings and a decrease in the daily commute though traffic, this was a welcoming change for some. Others got annoyed with spending so much time with their spouses and/or children and insisted on face-to-face work as an escape mechanism. Personally, I support the hybrid system where employees work in office for a few days, and work from home for the other days.

Covid vs the Economy

During the pandemic , there has been a significant increase in online shopping. Amazon has been listed as the ‘leading online market place based on the number of monthly visits and purchases, according to statista.com. It states that over two billion people purchased goods or services online in 2020 which accounted for e-retail sales of over 4.2 trillion US dollars worldwide. On the flip side, numerous traditional “brick and mortar” businesses are closing down. Stores like Ann Taylor, Chuck E Cheese, JC Penny have all filed for bankruptcy in 2020 and have sold ownership of their brand. (Source: feeds.aarp.org). 

As it relates to production, there has been a disruption in the supply chain distribution process which has created a shortage in the availability of certain products on the market. In some countries like Jamaica, for example, there has been a shortage of some appliances like dishwashers for a while. There has even been predictions that there will be a shortage of car parts and certain electronics for months to come. To adjust for the shortcomings that some businesses have faced, the prices of almost everything have been raised. The price of food, cars, appliances and even homes have significantly increased. Inflation is in full effect, thus, the cost of living is literally skyrocketing as the days go by. 

Somehow the global health crisis has highlighted the flaws within our society. We’re at the point where governments are being forced to choose between public health and the economy. We’re currently over two years in this pandemic with a virus that keeps mutating regardless of the protocols in place or the mitigation strategies being implemented. Covid 19 has forced a lot of people to really evaluate their lives and determine what is important in comparison to our obligations. We need to stay safe and stay healthy but we also need money to survive… well “the show must go on”.

Forbidden Crush 

My guilty pleasure is having crushes on guys who are often over 10 years younger than I am. It isn’t even intentional and I sometimes don’t know his age before realizing the attraction. Naturally, it starts with the physical allure then even with the slightest of reciprocation, it develops into something emotional. Most times I feel like they can definitely tell that I’m crushing because I catch them staring at me. Hugs from my crushes are usually the warmest of embraces too. It’s nice.

My friends, from high school, and I, use to play a game called “eye candy”. With this game, when we were in public places (mostly restaurants), we’d choose a guy then stare at him until someone cracks and looks away or start laughing. Sometimes the guy would come over and talk to us or we’d even exchange numbers. None of us ever developed a serious relationship that resulted from this game, though. 

I get a euphoric feeling when I have a new crush. It blooms from the secret glances, the gentle touches and the random fantasies in my mind. It may be important to mention that I like guys who dances, sings or even models. He doesn’t have to be a “professional” at it, it can just be his hobby. These are activities I enjoy, so the mutual interest is good enough to kickstart the fantasies in my mind like:

“It was a cool Autumn night at an outdoor latin party. Blanketed by the stars, we lost ourselves in the sensual movements of ‘la Bachata’. Swayed by the music and the heat from our bodies close together, feelings from our hearts emerged.”

I’ll even fabricate scenarios like:

He held my hand and helped me up from the sand. So soft was his touch, so gentle. I smelt the beer on his breath and wondered how sweet it would taste from his lips. His eyes met mine and my heart smiled. Could he see that his stare was giving me butterflies? Did he know that I wondered how his body looked with no clothes on, or how it would feel to fall asleep with him in my bed?

Honorary mentions are  the songs that transports me to a higher place:

In Bloom – Proteje ft Lila Ike
Say It – Tori Lanez
Maybe – Toni Braxton
In my bed – Rotimi
New Tattoo – James Arthur
Under the Influence – Chris Brown

Often times though, there is always a reason as to why I don’t proceed any further with the guy I’m crushing on. Either he’s a coworker, friend of the family or even because he lives in a different country and is just visiting. Whatever it is, most times my crushes just remains as crushes. No relationship, just a passing fancy.