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A Black Panther – Wakanda Forever Fanfiction

He pressed her up against the wall of the cave and lowered himself on both knees before her. He then kissed the place that would hopefully bear his children one day. Children that would have unfathomable power beyond the limits of this world. He reached up to her waist and traced a line around her belt. “May I” he asked.

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Sex and Sensibility

Based on my general observation of society and discussions I’ve heard, men want sex more than women. This phenomenon seems to be common among male and female animals as well.

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covid affected the world

Covid 19 vs the World

Covid 19 wreaked havoc across the globe in ways we honestly didn’t expect to be possible. How do we now balance our daily lives during a pandemic?

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hearts for your crush

Forbidden Crush 

My guilty pleasure is having crushes on guys who are often over 10 years younger than I am. It isn’t even intentional and I sometimes don’t know his age before realizing the attraction. Naturally, it starts with the physical allure then even with the slightest of reciprocation, it develops into something emotional. Most times I…

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